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Construction Cleaning

Transforming sites with thorough post-construction cleanup

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Window Cleaning

Crystal-clear windows for brighter, inviting spaces

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Strip Waxing

Reviving floors with expert stripping and waxing

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COVID Fogging

Keeping spaces safe with effective disinfection fogging

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Janitorial Cleaning

Reliable upkeep for pristine, hygienic environments

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Trash Clean Up

Removing waste swiftly for a cleaner environment

A worker who specializes in bricklaying, cement masonry, and building houses.

Labor Services

Offers a wide range of labor services, including skilled manpower for construction, renovation, and maintenance projects.

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Selective Carpentry

Specialized selective carpentry services, meticulously tailored to renovate and enhance structures.

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Selective Demolition

Offers precise dismantling services tailored to preserve valuable structures.

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Hello & Welcome to J&L Precision Cleaning LLC

Office Cleaning in Connecticut

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional cleaning services with precision and care. Our dedicated team understands the importance of a clean and sanitary environment for both homes and businesses. With meticulous attention to detail and industry-leading techniques, we ensure that every space we clean shines with freshness.

Trust us to exceed your expectations, providing reliable and thorough cleaning solutions, including house cleaning in Hartford, Connecticut tailored to your specific needs. Let us bring clarity and cleanliness to your surroundings, so you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on what truly matters.

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Banish Rubbish With Expert Cleanup Solutions

When it comes to dealing with clutter, especially after a big event or renovation, nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of professional trash clean up services. At J&L Precision Cleaning LLC, we understand the hassle and stress that...


Banishing Mold and Mildew: Effective Solutions

Mold and mildew are common household nuisances that can wreak havoc on your health and property. In house cleaning in Hartford, Connecticut, where humidity levels can be high, combating mold and mildew is essential for maintaining a safe and...


Streamlining Office Cleaning: Effective Strategies

Efficient office cleaning strategies are paramount for maintaining a productive work environment while safeguarding the health and well-being of employees. House cleaning in Hartford, Connecticut, businesses must differentiate themselves by...

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J&L Precision Cleaning LLC is on a mission to change the industry of construction cleaning by nurturing relationships built on reliability and fairness. Our focus on results continue to grow equity in our reputaion for being an irreplaceable asset to our valued clients.

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